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The Right Me Testimonials

“The Right Me goes way beyond filling the enormous gap which exists in effective career counselling opportunities. This highly personalized and in-depth program promotes the enhancement of self-awareness and self-confidence - two essential attributes for successful living. As a personalized values-based process, The Right Me is indeed life-enhancing as one comes to know what's right for me!”
Peter J. Smyth, PhD
Director, The Counselling Institute
Co-author, Reflective Leaders and High-Performance Organizations.

“Working through The Right Me with James has opened up new doors for me, doors in myself I never knew existed. I know myself better, feel more confident in myself and about where I’m going in life.”

“I have seen a big change in Madison. She’s much stronger and self-confident. As a parent, I’m really happy for her. James and The Right Me program have had a very positive effect.”
Madison’s father

“Whenever I find myself getting off track, I go back to The Right Me.’

“James has developed a program that is going to help a lot of young adults. I have seen many different kinds of guidance and self-help programs over the years but The Right me is the most in depth. Times are changing so fast these days that teenagers and young adults need to discover self-confidence and self-knowledge at an early age so they can make the best possible life choices for themselves, career, relationship and lifestyle. The Right Me gives them the tools to do that.”
Peter Annable, senior teacher, Hillfield Strathallan College

“James inspired me to find my dream. Thanks to him, I am now an English teacher in Japan living the life I always wanted.”