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The Right Me Experience
Confidence & Self Esteem

What is the mission of THE RIGHT ME?
THE RIGHT ME's mission is to provide teenagers and young adults with the tools they need to make the right relationship, lifestyle and career choices for themselves as they deal with the challenges and opportunities that confront them during their important formative years.

How does THE RIGHT ME work?
THE RIGHT ME is an online self-development program for teenagers and young adults that you can log in to anywhere, anytime you have access to the internet. James Green, the creator of the program, leads you through THE RIGHT ME, step by step, in a series of videos. A THE RIGHT ME student can work alone, with a friend, a parent, a teacher or a counsellor, it's up to the student to decide.

Who is THE RIGHT ME for?
THE RIGHT ME EXPERIENCE is for any person sixteen years old or older. If you are considering whether or not the program would be suitable for you as a student, or if you are a parent and wonder whether it would help your son or daughter, please try one of our questionnaires below. THE RIGHT ME addresses the vast variety of issues facing teens and young adults in today’s environment and by checking our questionnaire you will be able to determine, specifically and quickly, whether or not THE RIGHT ME deals with issues that concern you.

THE RIGHT ME focuses on three broad categories. Please click the category that interests you.