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The Right Me Creator

Traveler, adventurer, philosopher and teacher, James Green, creator of THE RIGHT ME, has seen a lot of life. Throughout all his experiences and learning, his central philosophy has always been that life’s ultimate value is to be found within the individual, inside him or herself, within the context of the environments and relationships in which we live. His life search has been to understand how individuals in any society, anywhere in the world, find a meaningful life for themselves. James struggled for a long time to find the answers for himself; THE RIGHT ME arose out of that search.

James’ quest consumed him even as early as high school. The quest continued at the University of Western Ontario where, besides receiving an honors degree in Anthropology and Philosophy, he was an all star varsity basketball player, winning three provincial championships and a national championship. Subsequently, he was inducted into the Western University Athletic Hall of Fame.

After Western, James studied at the University of Glasgow where he was awarded a teacher’s degree. After obtaining his TESOL (teaching English as a second language) certificate from Trinity College, London, he moved to Japan. He spent the next ten years teaching in Japanese high schools and saving enough money to continue his personal journey.

His travels and adventures are impressive by any standard. From mountaineering in the Himalayas to skiing from Siberia to the North Pole, he has always sought out ways to test himself, trying to learn along the way. He bicycled, solo, for over two years throughout the Middle East, Iran, Central Asia, China, Pakistan, and the Far East.

His adventurous streak culminated in a somewhat wild two and a half month solo bicycle ‘trip’ across Taliban controlled Afghanistan. With a beard and a fair command of Pashto, the local language, he ‘made it back’, as he often says, by simply being himself and using what he does best – connecting with people. He was probably the last foreigner to ever see the Bamian Buddhas before they were blown up, and was interviewed by the Canadian Government and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on his return.

James has lived in Nepalese Monasteries studying Buddhism, and Indian ashrams studying yoga. He is a graduate of the Lee Strasberg School of Method Acting in New York. The list goes on. But James discovered his true life passion only after years of searching. Here, in a recent interview, James explains in his own words how THE RIGHT ME came about and what it means to him.

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